Cipher Core


Cipher Core is a DAO that is dedicated to preserving privacy and enabling anonymous transactions within the blockchain space on ETH, BSC & ARB Networks. With a strong emphasis on confidentiality and security, Cipher Core empowers individuals to engage in financial interactions while safeguarding their wallet addresses.
In a landscape where privacy is becoming increasingly important, Cipher Core aims to empower individuals by providing a secure and confidential environment for their financial interactions. By using the "Anon Pools" within the Cipher Core ecosystem, users can achieve a heightened level of privacy and anonymity in their transactions.
Users can seamlessly deposit their digital assets (ETH, BNB & ARB) into Anon Pools, providing a shield of anonymity for their funds. When it comes time to withdraw, users can conveniently retrieve their assets from any other wallet while maintaining their privacy.
As a member of Cipher Core, you join a vibrant community of privacy advocates, crypto enthusiasts, and individuals who believe in the importance of privacy. Together, we are shaping a future where privacy and anonymity are not compromised in the pursuit of financial empowerment.
Last modified 7mo ago