Cipher Core


Cipher Core is run as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), meaning it is controlled and directed by a decentralized network of contributors and community members.
Note: Cipher Core Anon Pools are not under the control of governance, the contracts are immutable with no ownership inheritance or proxy logic ensured by the security of Ethereum.

How is Cipher Core governed?

As a decentralized organization, Cipher Core is proudly governed by our $CIPHER token holders. This includes our founders, Core contributors and the wider community, as well as some external holders. Most major decisions that Cipher Core takes are put to and voted on by our $CIPHER holders through our voting page.
These decisions include how our fees are set, how the protocol and its contributors are funded, how we market Cipher Core and what direction we should take on certain decisions. Think of our $CIPHER holders as members of the Cipher Core legislature.
Voting requires you to hold $CIPHER tokens in your wallet. Screenshot is taken by the CIPHER Core team and voting power is provided to each holder based directly on the amount of $CIPHER each voter holds.
Last modified 8mo ago